Microwave Coffee Maker PMCM 1.0

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Now make coffee in a Microwave! Microwave Coffee Maker is an ideal option to make a quick cup of coffee in the morning along with a hearty breakfast. Simple yet highly functional, this coffee maker is designed to brew you a strong cup of decoction within minutes of placing it in the microwave. The compact design of the coffee maker with 400ml capacity ensures, it doesn't occupy much space on your kitchen counter.
Brew your favorite coffee in just 4 minutes! The microwave friendly coffee maker can make up to 2 cups of filter coffee within 4 minutes.
The exterior of bottom container of this coffee maker is made with polypropylene material that ensures even heat conductivity and safe usage in microwave ovens.
The bottom container of the coffee maker comes equipped with a unique safety device which ensures the release of excess pressure or steam inside the container, in case of overfilling or blockage.
Making coffee has never been easier! But now, with Prestige coffee maker you can experience hassle-free coffee making. It?s easy operation allows you to make delicious coffee without any mess.
The microwave coffee maker is completely eliminates the use of paper filters, replacing them with a reusable aluminum mesh.

Color :Red
Warranty :1 year
Special Feature :Microwave friendly
Capacity :400 ml

Service & Support:
Every Prestige product comes with a limited period warranted and with an assured After Sales Service and Customer Support. To reach out to our Service Center please give call to our toll free National Number

Key Features:
Microwave Friendly Coffee Maker - makes up to 2 cups of Coffee in 4 mins400 ml capacity Hassle Free Polypropylene Material No Paper Filters Pressure Safety Device